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Message from the stars


Click on the Star that interests you to read its message:

Sun - Moon - Mercury - Venus - Jupiter

Neptune - Mars - Uranus - Pluto - Saturn

The sun

I am this Star, I allow to light the way,

to be in permanent equilibrium with the Earth,

an Earth that needs this intense light.

I can be a luminary for her.

I am there at all times in this infinite space, a luminous space.

I can be nothing at the same time.

I also travel.

A fire, a being, a space, a divine law which acts by gravity,

different angle of view.

I let myself be immersed in this energy.

An energy of radiance and absolute well-being, the color yellow,

Love of the divine.

I am.


The moon

Everything is mutable, in the spirit of the Earth.

By connecting with the Ocean, the Trees,

all together everything is transformable.

A Moon that wants to be there to illuminate the values of these moments of matter.

Matter is created by you.

Everything is mutable, transformable.

I am in this space to observe you from my Great Presence.

Presence in complete black.

Feel this presence which can disturb, where all the elements will be unleashed.

Air, the element of Breath,

Earth, the Root element,

Water, the element of Life,

Fire, the element of Sacred Source,

Source of Life and Water, Earth, Air and Fire.

I thank you.



I think, I think,

I am this Star, this planet.


A planet which refocuses, which positions itself in this Universe,

A planet that allows you to be in front of your thoughts, your reflections,

A planet that is filled with Knowledge, understanding,

A planet that is played with the Spirit.


A being who reflects in everything,

A mind, a thought, an energy of questions,

The word, the breath,

A reflection, an accent, a literary,

A harmony, a music.


Let yourself be carried away by this sweet symphony of sounds,

A sound, a note, a music.


A soft note to the ear that sends a thought,

adorable music.



A color, a relationship, a shared love.
A love, a passion, an encompassing energy of Love,
Earth space.

An Earth that needs to be loved, loved so much.
An indescribable love.
A harmony, a helping relationship, a beauty.

A Love that Is.

I am this planet which radiates this energy, divine Celestial Love.
A love that is filled.

A love, a way, a symphony, a frequency, a divine law.

Love, love, re-learn this color.
A color from before.

Another way to connect to feel this love.
A minute of silence, of peace that brings people together.
Listen, feel, receive.

Grace of this permanent Love throughout the Universe.

Listen, feel, a note of Love.



I am a Star, a planet,
A movement, a truth that is played out in this energy.
A truth, a divine law.
A moment of grace.
A moment of Expansion.
This element where Time is vital energy for the organs of the human body.
Anatomy, Jupiter.
A set.
A path that is traced by this path of grace.

A grace, a synchronicity which is, Time, the link.
Everything is attached to us by this link which creates synchronicities.
Together, commonly interconnected.
These moments are there, to understand this state,

this vibration of Time, of the link that unites us.
This grace, in each one, this ray which turns in us, around us.
A volume, a power, a being, a harmony, a timeless Time, a Time.
Sharing, equity, balance.
Everything is connected.
Linked in Self and around oneself.
The Universe is the All, in this great Space
With us, the planets, the stars, the constellations.
Everything is continuous, impermanent.
Everything is linked in this Universe.
From Macrocosm to Microcosm.
From the Large to the infinitely Small.
Space, Time.

I am.

Just this moment of grace.



I am.
I am this Luminous Star.
I am this star which allows to give this intuitive energy.
An intuition, a perception.
An element that allows you to grow.
Let yourself be permeated by this vibration of awakening.
An awakening, a perception.
An energy which is, what you call mediumship.
An energy of symbiosis with your sensory sensors.


A perception that has been in your cells for a very long time.

Just to be activated by breathing and divine breath.
The breath.
Breathing is a state of my life energy.
An energy that allows you to be what you call

A cosmo-telluric, extrasensory antenna.

Just bring your attention to my energy
And feel.



I am mars

I am energy of will, of action, of rhythm, of cadence

I can make myself very insightful with this energy around me.

An energy that can sometimes be overflowing, electrical energy.

An energy to channel

Let yourself be taken away to have this will

Intensity, light

I am this power energy of being

I am

Let yourself take you to this space

I am.



Just that moment when Time is

Time, space, what is in this Universe.

Grand universe

infinity - the infinitely large.

I can be here and now this present in all dimensions.

A dimension

An area

A universe

Just that in infinity.

The universe is so bright



High vibration

I am this Star, this planet

A grandiose place

A delicate and gentle environment


The unison of beings

To be in Self, to be the Universe


I am.



I am this Star, this planet

An enlargement of vision, opening the doors of the unconscious to the conscious.

To let oneself

Let yourself be penetrated by this energy of transmutation, of transformation.

I am

This element which allows this transmutation at the origin of time, space.

An energy that strikes

A dominant energy on the unconscious

An energy that is reflected in the human body

I am

Let yourself be guided by this internal transformation.

A color that is very marked by blood red

I am

I surrender

An energy that wants to be in high frequency, which is dying every second.

A transformer

I am

I am a transformer of human illusions

Just that.



I am this Star, this planet

I am

The moment, the moment, the time, the space


I travel through time, the universe, space

This infinity.

I measure, I calculate the infinite paths

Time is energy

Energy is Time

nothing exists

Everything is here

An area

A place

A frame

A limit

Length of time, space

Nothing exists beyond

A reflection on Time, through its balance

Absolute time

Words are limiting.

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